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Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Oracle supply chain management (SCM) is a best-in-class, complete, open, integrated solution that powers information-driven supply chains. With Oracle SCM, companies can predict market requirements, innovate in response to volatile market conditions, and align operations across global networks. Oracle SCM provides industry-specific solutions based on best-in-class applications that span product development, demand management, sales and operations planning, transportation management, and supply management.
  • Only Oracle provides the ability to sense, shape, and fulfill demand with best-in-class demand management and real-time sales and operations planning
  • Only Oracle provides best-in-class global transportation management and supply management
  • Only Oracle supports lean, mixed-mode manufacturing with integrated manufacturing execution systems  that meet both discrete and process requirements
  • Only Oracle's SCM applications are based on an open, complete and standards based architecture

  • Setup Field Service and Depot Repair  
  • Service Activity Capture  
  • Service Activity Planning  
  • Service Logistics (Depot)  
  • Service Activity Fulfillment  
  • Service Activity Billing  
  • Field Stock Management  
  • Analyze Field Service and Depot Repair
  • Setup Supply Chain Planning
  • Forecast Demand
  • Plan Inventory Levels
  • Generate Strategic Network Plan
  • Run and Analyze Production/Distribution Plan
  • Revise and Implement Plan Recommendations
  • Create Sales and Operations Plan
  • Schedule Shop Floor
  • Promise Orders
  • Demand Collaboration with Customers
  • Manage Consigned Vendor Managed Inventory with Customers
  • Supply Collaboration with Suppliers
  • Manage Consigned Vendor Managed Inventory with Suppliers
  • Analyze Supply Chain Planning
  • Setup Product Management
  • Manage Product Portfolio
  • Manage New Ideas and Concepts
  • Manage Product Requirements
  • Manage Product Collaboration
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Manage Product Data Changes
  • Manage Product Obsolescence
  • Manage Product Phase Gates
  • Manage Product/Service Master Data
  • Manage Product Document Data
  • Product Data Publication/Syndication
  • Manage Cost Accounting
  • Manage Product Quality
  • Manage Product Compliance and Governance
  • Manage Product Sourcing/Cost
  • Manage Engineering Collaboration
  • Analyze Product Lifecycle
  • Setup Production
  • Define Manufacturing Environment
  • Manage Production
  • Execute Production
  • Manage Production Costs
  • Manage Production Quality
  • Analyze Production
  • Setup Materials Management and Logistics
  • Warehouse Administration
  • Warehouse Labor Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Replenishment
  • Manage Spare Parts Logistics
  • Inventory Counting and Reconciliation
  • Cross Docking
  • Inbound Logistics
  • Outbound Logistics
  • Value Added Services
  • Value-Added Services
  • Analyze Materials Management and Logistics
  • Setup Transportation Management
  • Define Transportation Network
  • Define Transportation Workflows
  • Transportation Sourcing
  • Cooperative Routing
  • Manage Transportation Orders
  • Shipment Planning and Optimization
  • Tendering and Booking
  • Shipment Documentation
  • Dock Appointment Scheduling
  • Tracking and Event Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Freight Payment and Audit
  • Customer Billing
  • Claims Management
  • Transportation Inventory Management
  • Global Trade Management
  • Analyze Transportation
  • Provide Logistics Services
  • Setup Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Plan Capital Assets
  • Acquire Assets
  • Prepare and Deploy Assets
  • Utilize Assets
  • Manage Property and Real Estate
  • Maintain Assets
  • Retire Assets
  • Analyze Asset Lifecycle Management





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